3 exhibitions opened before Sofia Architecture Week

International architecture festival
1 – 6 November 2011
Lectures, exhibitions, workshops, discussions, presentations


Three exhibitions will be opened before the start of Sofia Architecture Week 2011


Sofia, 18.10.2011 Three exhibitions: Czech Architectural Cubism;Berlin– Photographic exhibition by Gerrit Engel; Invisible Sofia will be opened preliminary, before the start of the architecture festival Sofia Architecture Week2011. The festival is organized by Edno magazine,Americafor Bulgaria Foundation and Sofia municipality. The program is part of the cultural calendar of Sofia, candidate for European city of culture 2019. Sofia Architecture Week will take place between 1st and 6th of November.

Czech Architectural Cubism will be opened at Czech cultural center, on Wednesday, October 19, at 17:30. The exhibition will tell the story of Czech architectural cubism – a movement that started only three or four years after Picasso completed in 1907 Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, widely considered the first Cubist painting. The exhibition is an idea of Zdenek Lukes, one of the country’s most respected architectural historians. He invited the architectural photographer Ester Havlova, who photographed dozens of chosen sites in black and white. Czech Architectural Cubism is accompanied by a book, written in English and Czech, which will be on sale at the venue.

The exhibition is realized thanks to Czech cultural center.

Berlin – Photographic exhibition by Gerrit Engel

Czech Architectural Cubismwill be opened at Czech cultural center, on Wednesday, October 19, at 17:30.The exhibition will be opened at +tova, on Wednesday, October 26, at19:00. Gerrit will show Berlin through a series of architectural images. With apparent impartiality, Engel’s chronology of buildings creates images akin to a form of portrait photography. All of his images receive similar treatment, featuring a white sky, reduced coloration and a uniform depth of focus. His photographs are stark in their apparent objectivity, only rarely depicting people and generally restricted to the simple physiognomy of the architecture. The series Berlin is being called an initiator for building of a town’s architectural typology, 20 years after the fall of the Berlin wall.

The exhibition is realized thanks to Goethe Institute Sofia.

Invisible Sofia

The exhibition Invisible Sofia will be opened at Sklada showroom, on Thursday, October 27, at19:00. Invisible Sofiais a photography project by Stefan Hristov Marinov and Elena Branislav Gjeroska. It is inspired by the everyday beauty around us which often escapes our eyes. Each composition in the project comprises two photographs, taken at two different locations by the two authors. “We wanted to re-discover the city, to unite two seemingly incongruous places and create through the means of photography a new reality, a new vision for Sofia,” Stefan and Elena explain.

The program of the festival includes: 15exhibitions, 12 lectures, 7 workshops, 8 discussions, 3 themes with a visit of special places, 2 parties, work meetings, presentations, 4 films, etc. All of them will try to answer the question Architecture unlimited?”.




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